Helium Tank Balloon Kit

Helium Tank Balloon Kit

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Our Jumbo 12” Helium Kit includes all you need for your next DIY celebration: a jumbo-sized cylinder with helium/air mixture, 50 colorful 9” latex balloons and a spool of white ribbon. Helium on hand means celebrating on demand—from anywhere! And our tanks are simple to use, safe and convenient. Leftover helium can be stored safely at home to use again and again, at a moment’s notice.

  • Includes 50 balloons in various colors
  • White Ribbon
  • Tank will fill up to 50 9" latex balloons; 27 11" latex balloons; or 27 18" foil/Mylar balloons
  • Lightweight and recyclable
  • Easy to use
  • Jumbo Balloon Time Helium Tank

Balloon Time helium tanks are lightweight and easy to use. Plus, they are recycable once empty.

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