Rent a Helium Tank EASILY.

    Tank and equipment rentals are only available for pickup at our showroom, 1559 Sam Rittenberg, Charleston, SC 29407.

    Not available for shipping.

    Please come prepared to load and unload tanks from your vehicle upon arrival.  Staff does not load or unload tanks from vehicles. Helium Tank Dollies are available upon request for use to and from car, not to be taken with you.

    Select Your Tank

    27 cu. ft. HELIUM TANK ($125)

    Includes: Basic Latex Balloon Inflator

    Up to 100 - 9" Latex
    Up to 50 - 11" Latex
    Up to 25 - 16" Latex

    Rental Period: 3 Business Operating Days

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    55 cu. ft. HELIUM TANK ($249)

    Includes: Basic Latex Balloon Inflator

    Up to 200 - 9" Latex
    Up to 100 - 11" Latex
    Up to 35 - 16" Latex

    Rental Period: 3 Business Operating Days

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    Helium Tank FAQ's

    Give us a call at 843-856-9121, and we'll be happy to identify which tank you'll need. Please also see the above sizing under each tank before calling.

    Yes. When you arrive we'll explain how to transport your tank safely, how to connect the inflator to the tank, and how to inflate balloons. You will also be given a rental help guide to assist you.

    Yes: this is mandatory. We ask all customers to complete the Rental Agreement prior to pick up.

    Each rental includes: the helium tank rented (the tank is filled to 1800 PSI), a digital rental help guide, and a basic latex balloon inflator.

    The day you pick your tank up counts as day one, then add two additional business days.

    For example, if you pickup your rental on Monday it will be due back on Wednesday. If you pickup your tank on Friday, your tank is due back Monday.

    Yes! Though please note that tank rentals are first come, first serve. If we are out, please consider purchasing product directly, or having us inflate the product you intend to use.

    Yes. The basic inflator included with the rental is designed to inflate latex balloons only. If you plan on inflating mylar balloons, you'll need to upgrade your inflator to a "Dual Latex and Mylar Inflator" so the foil balloons do not pop. We do not offer this service.

    When in a vehicle, always transport your cylinders lying down and secured from rolling around.

    IMPORTANT: Always remove the balloon inflator from the tank prior to transporting it in a vehicle. The balloon inflator can break easily. When renting a 291 cu. ft. tank, be sure to screw on the provided steel cap before transporting.

    Yes. If you need the tank longer than the standard 3-day period, let our staff know so we can create a custom quote for you. Any tanks not returned by the 3-Day rental period (without a extended time frame agreement) will be charged the applicable late fees.

    No. If your 3-Day time period ends on a Sunday or a holiday when we are closed, you may return the tank on the next business day. There is no charge for any day we are closed (sundays and holidays).

    Keep balloons weighted down at all times and don’t let them go. Dispose of balloons properly. California residents are required to weight foil balloons to comply with California law.


    For tank rentals exceeding 3 days, please contact us to book your rental.

    Extension fee: $15 per day.*

    *Extensions must be purchased in advance with the rental order; otherwise, it will be considered a late, and applicable late fees will be charged accordingly.