Airloonz Big Love Display
Airloonz Big Love Display
Airloonz Big Love Display

Airloonz Big Love Display


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Airloonz Giant LOVE Display is the perfect way to decorate your next party or event. This giant Air-Filled Balloon comes inflated and ready to display, just place on the floor and enjoy as a party decoration or perfect as a fun photo prop.

Pro Tip: If you plan on using them outdoors we suggest you purchase one or more additional Balloon Weights to help prevent your Balloons from escaping or walking if it is breezy.


  • Airloonz Giant Love Display 58 inches tall 
  • Mylar/Foil Balloon
  • Reusable + Environmentally Responsible
  • Manufactured by Anagram
  • Made in USA (if applicable)

NOTE: This Product is NOT Meant to be Used with Helium, and Does NOT Float

Be Balloon Smart: Secure all helium balloons with a weight to keep them from flying into the air and becoming litter or getting tangled in a tree or power line.

CAUTION: Monitor children and pets around balloons as they can pose a choking hazard. Dispose of balloons properly when finished. Never inhale helium. Do not release balloons into the air.

Valentine, Love, Anniversary Giant Display Balloon, Photo Opportunity Balloon Decor

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