6 Ways To Reuse Balloons

    6 Ways To Reuse Balloons

    So your party is over and all your guests have left but your balloons are still hanging around. Now what?

    Here are some fun, creative things you can do with your balloons.

    1. Use left over balloons as packing cushion.
    2. Donate them - Nursing homes, hospitals, etc. most only accept foil balloons, so call ahead of time.
    3. Get creative - you can use them craft projects.
    4. Wrap gifts - all foil balloons are silver on the inside so if you cut them apart you will have silver gift wrap .
    5. Turn them into Gift Bags - cut open the top and insert your gift - use colorful ribbon to tie.
    6. Use them again - most foil balloons can be reused


    • Use a straw and insert into the opening - do this gently so you do not damage the insertion point or put a whole in the balloon.
    • Very Slowly - begin squeezing the air out of the balloon folding gently until all the air is released.
    • Put away until your next event - then you can use a balloon pump or straw to inflate with air and tape to the wall.
    • Rent or purchase a helium tank to inflate with helium.

    Did you know when you purchase any of our large speciality foil balloons we allow you to bring them back for a refresh? 

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