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    Imagine a World with NO Balloons :(

    Imagine a World with NO Balloons :(

    The Balloon Council - Please Save Our Balloons


    Imagine it's your child's birthday and  all they want is a princess or superhero balloon, but it is illegal to purchase. That is exactly the action, if passed, will happen in California.
    California is trying to ban the sale of foil (mylar) balloons, which means no one will be able to buy these type of balloons in the state of California. No more impulse buy at the grocery stores or birthday balloons from Party City. Just imagine the financial impact it will have on small businesses like decorators and florist, no more surprise or get well deliveries. How sad is that!

    Unfortunately the Public Safety Committee in Sacramento, voted 2 to 5 and passed it, next on to The Assembly Appropriations Committee to be heard and voted next week (May 4, 2016) to ban the sale of all foil (mylar) balloons in California. Well you might be thinking no big deal that is California, but it could have serious ramifications on the sale of foil balloons all across the United States. On top of the ban a fine of $250 could result for a first offense and a second offense is punishable as a misdemeanor. Wow, a crime to purchase a balloon and make someone happy.  Charleston Balloon Company, always has and always will adhere to the California Balloon Laws and Smart Balloon Practices and are a Responsible Retailer, but unfortunately not everyone does. We have signed the petition and will hope for the best. In the meantime if you need a smile, buy a balloon!

    California AB 2709 is set to destroy thousands of small businesses by banning foil balloons in California.

    Let's keep our kids smiling, welcome new babies home and be able to say I love you or get well with balloons . . . . Save The Balloon!

    Want to learn more or sign the petition?  Go to The Balloon Council


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