Holy Cow ... our adventures for the last couple of weeks

    Holy Cow ... our adventures for the last couple of weeks

    Have no fear, we did not abandon our Blog! We have been on some fun and exciting adventures!
    On April 3rd, my birthday - still only 29 years old ;) we left for New Orleans to attend the World Balloon Convention at The Hilton Riverside New Orleans. This amazing convention is held every two years by The Pioneer team, the makes of Qualatex brand balloons.

    What made this convention totally amazing was that I would be an instructor and would be assisting other instructors from around the world. Pretty Cool, Huh?

    I would also be presenting at the Grand Gala for the medium sculpture award. Talk about being nervous! 

    So what classes did I teach? I moderated a Panel "Working With Family Members". Scott was able to join me for this, so attendees were able to see first hand how we argue in public..just kidding. But I did feel like Dr Phil, walking the isle with a microphone taking questions. The other main class was "Branding for Success". This was an interactive lecture, where I helped attendees understand the power of their brand and how to improve it.


    Totally in heavan... 


    Grand Gala Stage...yes, that is all balloons!


    Excited to be going to the next World Balloon Convention in San Diego in 2018. 

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