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    Event Highlight | MUSC Match Day 2016

    Event Highlight | MUSC Match Day 2016

    How exciting is this event? I can not help but get emotional when we get to do events like this and to watch all the excitement unfold. 

    On Friday March 18th, we decorated The Charleston Music Hall for The Medical University of South Carolina's 2016 Match Day. An annual rite of passage for medical students, where they find out where they will complete their residency training, this is such a proud moment marking the end of fours years of medical school.

    90's Kids Theme

    I love the 90's Theme Arch
    Streamers were launched high into the air!


    So how do you decorate for a decade theme? With a Decades arch! This one included neon balloon accents and neon helium bunches along the side of the stage. But MUSC likes to add excitement... 

    So when the count down began we got ready.. (BOOM) Open Your Envelopes! 

    This was a HIT! Thank you so much, Jill. Looking forward to working together next year. Have a great day.

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