2021 Thanksgiving at our Home

    2021 Thanksgiving at our Home

    Thanksgiving is one of those special times of the year in which the holiday season commences and the feelings of love, family and tradition mixes with biting promise of the incoming cold weather. For us in our house, Thanksgiving is promise of tradition and family; even when not everyone can attend the festivities. We know that while Covid makes celebrating the holidays hard, the holidays can still bring fun traditions at home. For my family, Thanksgiving looks like this.

    The morning of, around 5am, I settle in on the couch and enjoy my morning coffee and the local newspaper before the chaos of the holiday commences. (The calm before the storm of the holidays if you will.) That calmness lasts around maybe two hours before the family awakens and gathers around the couch in the living room while the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade begins. Usually the turkey preparations have begun while the little ones sit and stare at the screen while the adults chat and begin the process of crafting a light brunch. Quiche, fruit, fluff dip, orange juice, coffee, toast, etc. By the time brunch is made, we all pile onto the dining room table and enjoy our brunch and each other’s company with the sounds of the parade in the background. After the parade and brunch, we clean up and begin the real work of the day continues prepping for dinner, including naming our Turkey. The process of dinner prep varies wildly depending on the amount of guests, some years we have host well over 30 at a time, as of lately our numbers have dwindled to typically 4 to 6, mostly because the kids and their families come home for Christmas. After dinner is made, we eat (early), enjoying each other’s company and sharing our gratitude of the past year. After the turkey and stuffing have caused multiple food commas across the house, many nap, others watching Football,  while we snack and play games, enjoying the day, before we finish off the holiday with eating pie and decorating our Christmas tree. For the majority of the holiday season leading up to Christmas time, our house radiates with the smells of apple pie, pine, and the colorful aesthetic of fall.

    Here are a few ideas for decorating your Turkey Day Celebrations.

    Fall Decorations

    Whether you are looking to spice up your Thanksgiving dinner, or just add a little bit of decor to you house/party, check out our fall & holiday collections.

    Turkeys for the Turkey Day

    It may seem silly to have balloons for Thanksgiving, but balloons can add just a fun touch to any holiday, even if it’s just a turkey.

    Mini Parade in the Neighborhood

    Why not celebrate at home this year?! Covid shouldn’t stop the kids from having a good time. Consider throwing your own mini parade with some character foils and march around the neighborhood celebrating the commencement of the holiday season.

    Start Thinking About Christmas

    It is never too early to start considering Christmas, especially if you have a second pair of eyes around the house. Consider grabbing a little friend to add to your decor. Give the gift of a little helper/watcher before the Christmas season is here to make sure those kids end up on Santa’s Nice List.


    From the bottom of my heart and from my family to yours.

    THANK YOU for your business and continued

    support over the years!

    Blessings this coming Holiday Season.

    Jill, Family and Staff.

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