How to Order at CBC When You Have No Idea What You Want

    How to Order at CBC When You Have No Idea What You Want

    Are you looking for balloons but are unsure of what kind or style for your event?
    We can help you out with that!

    1. Website

    Have a theme or a specific occasion in mind? Check out our website,, for more ideas regarding your event. We have a gallery of images suited to your needs.

    2. Instagram

    On our Instagram page, @CharlestonBalloon, you can see our most recent events, new designs, and all different balloon colors and styles to get you inspired. We often recommend looking through our Instagram page when you know you want balloons, but do not know what you want.

    3. Call us

    Found some inspiration? Don't know what you want for your event? Give us a call. Our number is 843-856-9121. Our Certified Balloon Artists (CBA's) and staff can assist and guide you as best we can to discover a design to best match your budget.

    4. Fill out an event form

    Looking for something more than just a bouquet delivery or a quick balloon pickup? We have an event form for larger job quotes for your event. Give us all the details, and we will take care of the rest.

    5. Email us

    • Already have some pictures or a Pinterest board? Share it with us via email! Correspond with our designers and event team over at for more information about our services, price quoting, and ideas.

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