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    How To Book An Event with Charleston Balloon Company

    When planning an event, whether it is a small birthday party of 50, or a corporate event of 5,000, choosing the decor can truly make or break an event. It can oftentimes be difficult to figure where to start, let alone figure out what to choose. And balloons, sadly, are never the first thought. 
    Everyone has been to events where the balloons are a last minute add-on and shoved into the corner. It's surprising how many event planners overlook this simple event decoration. They assume that balloons are for kids parties or that they cannot be elegant. The truth is, if you give it just a little bit of thought and make the effort to incorporate balloons into your decor, suddenly all of your events take on a brand-new level of class.
    Here at Charleston Balloon Company, we believe that balloons can be as beautiful as flowers or other decor, and we want to show you how easy it is to turn your event from boring to brilliant. And nothing brings elegance, class, and magic to an event quite like balloons.

    Why do you book an event with a balloon company?

    When you want unique and personalized decor specifically designed for your event, you call us. When we help you plan your event decor, we make sure that everything is planned, down to the smallest details to suits your event. You want people to enjoy your event, remember it, and we can help with that.

    How To Book An Event

    Step-By-Step Instructions


    Step One: Visit The Website

    Oh good! Your already here! :) That was easy. CHECK!

    Step Two: Locate Our Events Page

    This tab in our main header is your go to area for all things events. Here you can familiarize yourself with each of the pages under the events tab, which we recommend before making any decisions about your event decor.

    Step Three: Gather Your Ideas

    Whether it is a pinterest board, in your head, or just one image you want us to look at, compiling your ideas helps our on staff designers better understand what you envision for your event. 

    Step Four: Learn More About The Types of Decor

    Step Five: Locate Our Lead Form(s)

    While at the current moment our lead form is being workshopped to bring an easier format for your use, we still require a form of contact in some capacity. Fill out the form, and someone will be contact with you real soon.

     Step Six: Have Patience & Start Getting Excited

    We know that you are either very anxious about getting your event right, or very excited to celebrate the big day, however we do ask for patience as wwe often have an average of 10+ inquiries every single day. We promise to get to your as soon as you can, in the meantime, start thinking about colors and fun addons, or build your event's Pinterest Board. 

    Step Seven: Check Your Emails & Relax! We've Got It Handled.

    Once your event details have been cleared & you have fully paid, we consider you booked. Please make sure that you check your emails regularly for event updates, product updates, payment due dates, and more. We find email to be the fastest way for us to communicate with your very large community & client base. 

    Once you are fully booked, we handle it from there. You should receive a courtesy call of our arrival & setup schedule during the week of the event, though please note that the event industry changes daily, so we try to keep to a very tight and fully packed schedule that is premade in advance. After that, we just come and do our thing.