Balloon Garlands

Garlands, also mistakenly called a balloon arch, is a collection of balloons of different sizes to give off a natural, organic, and whimsical aesthetic.

Standard Sizes

Our Clouds 3'-4': $75.00 Start Price

Our 5'-6' Garland: $99.00 Start Price

Our 8'-9 Garland: $185.00 Start Price

Our 11'-12' Garland: $350.00 Start Price

Pricing by the foot

Our Thin Thickness: $15.00 per foot

Our Standard Thickness: $35.00 per foot

Our Thick Thickness: $55.00 per foot

Looking for a garland that is self-sustaining or stands up on its own? Ask us about our demi arches.

ourdoor garland

fireplace garland

tree wrapped garland

hanging foil filled garland

square frame garland

stairwell garland with mini foils

mini hanging garlands

mini demi arch

stairwell garland