These are some of the most common questions + answers we receive everyday.  If you do not find what you are looking for, send us an email or give us ring and we will gladly assist you.

What if I don't want you to deliver can I come and pickup my balloons?
YES! We are excited to announce that you can visit our shop located minutes from Downtown Charleston. You can pickup balloons, see ideas and even take a peek into our production warehouse and see all of the cool events our elves are working on.

Do you offer Consultations? 
Yes, we do - You can make an appointment for a FREE in house consultation or you can walk-in,  we even offer you mints, just incase you had garlic for lunch.  If you prefer an Onsite consultation we have a $75 retainer that we will apply to your event. 

Can you decorate a party or event that is not in Charleston?
YES! We are available to decorate events coast to coast, but most of our work is primarily in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. Let us know when you need an event decorated in Hawaii, that is one place we have not been yet.

How soon do I need to order if I want you to deliver + decorate?
To avoid disappointment that we are not available for your event date, we suggest you contact us once you have secured your venue. We can accommodate last minute requests as our schedule permits (surcharge may apply for orders needed within 48 hours) But hey, if you want to invite us to your party, we might just waive that, we love to party!

How much do you charge?
Wow, we get this question daily! You can view our most common decor prices here.  As a guideline, a typical kids party ranges from $250 to $700 and a large corporate event can upwards of $10,000, plus. Of course, if you want to throw your kid a party that is $10,000 we would be more than happy to assist you with that!

Do you have a delivery minimum?
Yes. Monday thru Saturday our decor minimum is $250 and our basic delivery minimum is $50.  Sunday we have a $500 decor minimum. Our minimums does not include, delivery, setup, or tax. Uncle Sam always has to get his share.

Why is there a delivery/setup/strike charge?
Our delivery and setup charge depends on the location of the event and complexity of the set-up. A strike charge is when we return to remove the decor (pop, pop, pop) and retrieve our equipment, this is not required for all events. When possible we take foils balloons to local hospitals/organizations to help spread the joy that balloons naturally bring.

What is a CBA?
Besides being Uber-Cool ... CBA stands for Certified Balloon Artist. It means that we have passed a series of written and hands-on exams confirming our knowledge of everything from design theory to special FX and advanced designs. Currently we have four CBA's on staff, that's right FOUR - isn't that cool? There are about 2,000 CBA's world-wide that have earned this accomplishment.

How long do helium balloons last?
Latex balloons filled with helium are temporary and have an average float time of 10 to 48 hours depending on size and shape. Your latex balloons can float up to 25 times longer if they are treated with a flight extender such as Ultra Hi-Float. This is our secret sauce!

Are all your balloon colors on your website? I didn't see the color I wanted.
You didn’t see see the color you are looking for? NO PROBLEM, we have elves that can create custom colors to match your wedding, event or company logo! We also have pearl colors and printed designs available.

Do you have biodegradable balloons?
Yes, we use only the best latex balloons available, Qualatex! What does that mean? That you will be provided with the highest quality balloons in the world! Qualatex balloons are made from 100% natural latex, not cheap plastic fillers, making them biodegradable. It is harvested similar to how you get maple syrup...just don't put it on your pancakes! Here is more information on balloons and the environment.

How do I book your services?
That's the easy part...just fill out our event form or give us a ring at 843-856-9121 and we will get your event started! Ring? Ring? We are waiting!

Can I come work for you?
We are always looking for fun + creative helpers. If you think you would like join our balloon family fill out this application link.