How to Decorate your Car Showroom with Balloons

Every Car Commercial on TV has them . . . Balloons! So why doesn't your showroom?
Have you been thinking about adding balloons to your showroom?
Not really sure who to call or if it can be done?
Well, you've come to the right place!  This blog will give you some examples and what to consider  when choosing to add balloons decor your showroom floor.

Showroom Before Balloons

Showroom Before Balloons

Professionally Installed Balloons

Professionally Installed Balloons

Balloons are Highly Visible from Outside  Summerville Ford

Balloons are Highly Visible from Outside Summerville Ford

Things to consider when hiring an outside company to decorate your showroom:

  • Is the staff dressed in professional corporate attire?
  • Do they arrive on time and act in a professional manner? 
  • Are they insured and able to produce a COI? W-9? Business License?
  • Do they have a professional website and portfolio of their work? Are they able to provide references?
  • Is the company a member of any professional organization? Chamber of Commerce, Business Association, etc.
  • Do they come fully prepared with their own ladders, equipment, scissors, etc? 
  • Do they install during non-peak hours, so as not to disrupt your sales floor?
Car Sales and Balloons are like Peanut Butter and Jelly, they naturally go together!


  • How high is the ceiling in your showroom? As a courtesy we will measure this for you and suggest options that will look best, based on your ceiling height.
  • What is the temperature where the balloons will be installed? Will the balloons be exposed to full sun? We bring a thermal temperature gauge to insure where your balloons will be installed will last the longest possible time.  
  • Foil or Latex? They both have pros and cons. Foil balloons can be costly,  are limited in colors and are affected by temperature changes; however, they offer many seasonal design choices. Latex balloons will oxidize (turn velvety looking), are the most economical and have many colors to choose from. Both choices can be personalized with your logo or text.
  • What is your ceiling made of? If you ceiling is a typical drop ceiling or has exposed steal beams, then we can use our Magnetic Installation System, which requires no ladders or lifts (up to 29ft)
There are endless options and prices when choosing to decorate your showroom with professional balloon decor.
Latex Ceiling Topiaries Installed on Exposed Beams

Latex Ceiling Topiaries Installed on Exposed Beams

Foil Taper Topiaries hung in  Mount Pleasant Chevy

Foil Taper Topiaries hung in Mount Pleasant Chevy

Seasonal Spring Installation

Seasonal Spring Installation

Combination Foil and Latex Ceiling Columns

Combination Foil and Latex Ceiling Columns

Don't pay your sales staff to inflate helium balloons - we will do it for you!
We offer three (3) Auto Dealership Programs for you to choose from and service Charleston, Myrtle Beach and Beyond.

  • Monthly - Keep your showroom looking new + fresh as we rotate your designs on a predetermined schedule.
  • Quarterly - Perfect for the dealership on a budget that does not want to commit to a monthly program.
  • Seasonal - Have a sales event or seasonal promotion, then this is the perfect plan for you.

Our programs start as low as $250 plus deliver/installation/tax.  Call today for a free quote or digital mock. 843-856-9121 - As a bonus all our dealerships get social media mentions via twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Blog posts,  we will also promote your current offers and promotions. 

Other Services Available:

  • Helium Tank Rentals
  • Forever Balloon Displays Buy/Lease/Installation
  • Showroom Decor
  • Jumbo Pennant Balloons
  • Logo Imprinted Balloons
  • Trade + Expo Show Decor
  • Grand Openings + New Ownership Launches

Event Spotlight - American Cancer Society Breakfast

Once again we had the honor of decorating the kickoff breakfast for the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in the lovely Montague Terrace at the North Charleston Coliseum. Audio + Visual was provided by Fox Audio and Visual, always a pleasure to work alongside these guys. 

This years Making Strides Walk is planned for October 22nd at Riverfront Park in North Charleston. Looking forward to see you there . . . just look for the pink balloons!


So it's no secret that the HBO series Vice Principals was filmed here in Charleston. But what we couldn't tell you was that last year we were part of it. Our balloons made their 1st appearance on Sunday night. This scene was set up in West Ashley High School. 
There will be another episode in the future that also features our balloons, but that will be another blog in the future.

This is not the first time our work has been featured on TV - We have done work with MTV, Disney and countless concerts and album releases including Bruce Springsteen. 

A glimpse of our balloons on HBO's Vice Principals

A glimpse of our balloons on HBO's Vice Principals

Getting Ready to load in..

Getting Ready to load in..

Set and ready for the crew to do their thing!

Set and ready for the crew to do their thing!

We are proud members of the South Carolina Film Council, along with Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce.

Event Spotlight - MUSC Ground Breaking

Opening in 2019 we were excited to be part of MUSC's Ground Breaking Event for The Shawn Jenkins Children's Hospital. We were doubly thrilled to not only decorate for MUSC but also for Benefitfocus, so the staff could be involved by watching Shawn on the monitors at all four (4) of their Charleston locations. 
Congratulations to all who are making this dream come true!

Large Tent Topiaries Welcomed Guest

Large Tent Topiaries Welcomed Guest

Tent cards were placed on centerpieces

Tent cards were placed on centerpieces

Topiary Centerpieces were created to match the entrance.

Topiary Centerpieces were created to match the entrance.

Sertoma Football Classic 2016

Once again we were invited to take part in designing + decorating for James Island Charter High School, this year's theme?

Keeping with The Trojan's school colors of Orange and Blue - We designed an arch that added some patterned Safari Print Balloons in Orange and White. This kept their school colors and allowed us to incorporate the theme balloons. We topped the arch with a football foil balloon and accented with assorted animal head balloons.

Sertoma is held at Johnson Hagood Stadium home of the Citadel Bulldogs.  It is an exciting two nights of high school football - all for a good cause!
Want to find out more?

We were thrilled to learn that The Trojans received the SPIRIT AWARD!




Decorating Kid's Parties

Celebrating your child's first birthday is a big deal but it doesn't stop there. Many parents celebrate with elaborate parties for their first 10 birthdays.  There are many elements to planning a child's birthday party. Starting with picking a theme: licensed characters, animals, sports, dress up or maybe just a simple color. 


Will you have a house party or will you host your party at a location? 

Invitations? Who will you invite? The whole class plus family friends or only a handful of his closest buddies?

Will you need to serve a meal? Not necessarily, try to throw a party between meal hours and you can get away with serving light snacks, cake and beverages.

How will you entertain the kids? Some locations will have built in entertainment value, such as bowling or arcade games. If you choose to host the party at your house get some ideas off pinterest based on your theme or contact a local company to come entertain the kids with balloon animals or a magic show. 

TuTu Sweet Centerpiece

TuTu Sweet Centerpiece

Have your party favors and some of decor do double duty. Use a filled piñata with balloons attached as a centerpiece. Order pre-twisted balloon flowers and arrange in a container and every little girl can take one home. 

Let balloons great your guests upon arrival!

Let balloons great your guests upon arrival!

Imagine a World with NO Balloons :(

The Balloon Council - Please Save Our Balloons

The Balloon Council - Please Save Our Balloons

Imagine it's your child's birthday and  all they want is a princess or superhero balloon, but it is illegal to purchase. That is exactly the action, if passed, will happen in California.
California is trying to ban the sale of foil (mylar) balloons, which means no one will be able to buy these type of balloons in the state of California. No more impulse buy at the grocery stores or birthday balloons from Party City. Just imagine the financial impact it will have on small businesses like decorators and florist, no more surprise or get well deliveries. How sad is that!

Unfortunately the Public Safety Committee in Sacramento, voted 2 to 5 and passed it, next on to The Assembly Appropriations Committee to be heard and voted next week (May 4, 2016) to ban the sale of all foil (mylar) balloons in California. Well you might be thinking no big deal that is California, but it could have serious ramifications on the sale of foil balloons all across the United States. On top of the ban a fine of $250 could result for a first offense and a second offense is punishable as a misdemeanor. Wow, a crime to purchase a balloon and make someone happy.  Charleston Balloon Company, always has and always will adhere to the California Balloon Laws and Smart Balloon Practices and are a Responsible Retailer, but unfortunately not everyone does. We have signed the petition and will hope for the best. In the meantime if you need a smile, buy a balloon!

California AB 2709 is set to destroy thousands of small businesses by banning foil balloons in California.

Let's keep our kids smiling, welcome new babies home and be able to say I love you or get well with balloons . . . . Save The Balloon!

Want to learn more or sign the petition?  Go to The Balloon Council



Holy Cow ... our adventures for the last couple of weeks

Have no fear, we did not abandon our Blog! We have been on some fun and exciting adventures!
On April 3rd, my birthday - still only 29 years old ;) we left for New Orleans to attend the World Balloon Convention at The Hilton Riverside New Orleans. This amazing convention is held every two years by The Pioneer team, the makes of Qualatex brand balloons.

What made this convention totally amazing was that I would be an instructor and would be assisting other instructors from around the world. Pretty Cool, Huh?

I would also be presenting at the Grand Gala for the medium sculpture award. Talk about being nervous! 

So what classes did I teach? I moderated a Panel "Working With Family Members". Scott was able to join me for this, so attendees were able to see first hand how we argue in public..just kidding. But I did feel like Dr Phil, walking the isle with a microphone taking questions. The other main class was "Branding for Success". This was an interactive lecture, where I helped attendees understand the power of their brand and how to improve it.


Totally in heavan... 

Totally in heavan... 

Grand Gala Stage...yes, that is all balloons!

Grand Gala Stage...yes, that is all balloons!

Excited to be going to the next World Balloon Convention in San Diego in 2018. 

Event Spotlight - MUSC Match Day 2016

How exciting is this event? I can not help but get emotional when we get to do events like this and to watch all the excitement unfold. 

On Friday March 18th, we decorated The Charleston Music Hall for The Medical University of South Carolina's 2016 Match Day. An annual rite of passage for medical students, where they find out where they will complete their residency training, this is such a proud moment marking the end of fours years of medical school.

90's Kids Theme

I love the 90's Theme Arch
Streamers were launched high into the air!

Streamers were launched high into the air!

So how do you decorate for a decade theme? With a Decades arch! This one included neon balloon accents and neon helium bunches along the side of the stage. But MUSC likes to add excitement... 

So when the count down began we got ready.. (BOOM) Open Your Envelopes! 

This was a HIT! Thank you so much, Jill. Looking forward to working together next year. Have a great day.

Event Spotlight - The Citadel

This Event Spotlight is on The Citadel Brigadier Foundation's 28th Annual Auction and Dinner.

This annual fundraising event was held at the Bulldog's own McAlister Field House on The Citadel's Campus in Charleston, South Carolina. We were tasked with the challenge to decorate their gym to look festive and intimate, while staying on a budget. 

McAlister Field House - The Citadel Military College

Our Jumbo Centerpieces were the perfect choice! Thirty (30) Jumbo 3 foot balloons in Pale Blue were floated almost 15 feet in the air. We added white accent balloons and silk ribbons. We thought job well done! Now off to our next event...

Jumbo Balloon Centerpieces

But wait there were 21 tables that had nothing on them, yikes. We were asked if there was anything we could do at the last minute ... We ran out to the truck, grabbed our equipment and began making topiary ball centerpieces in pale blue to match. They were a hit! 


"What a pleasure meeting you and working with you this past weekend.  Thanks so much for your quick thinking regarding the topiary balloons!  We look forward to working with you in the near future"

This is why we are
"Your Number 1 Choice!"


Event Spotlight - Charleston Apartment Association

This weeks Event Spotlight is on The Charleston Apartment Association's Diamond Awards.

This annual event was held at the gorgeous Francis Marion Hotel in Downtown Charleston, South Carolina. The Gold and White color scheme is always stunning and elegant. Balloon Pedestals with the initials CAA were placed at the rear of the stage. The two smaller pedestals with gold diamond tops flanked the podium. 



"5 STARS! Great job once again with our Charleston Apartment Association Diamond Awards! You all are so easy to work with and do a fantastic job! Thanks!!"

Jumbo gold balloon centerpieces with tulle were placed on every other table to create a festive look.

At the end of the evening we returned to retrieve the centerpieces, which CAA generously donated to the JICHS JRROTC Military Ball the next night. 

Congrats to all the award recipients!